Janis Spindel's Love Sphere Created by Carly Spindel Uses 20 Years of Research To Attract Tinder and Hinge Users

Carly Spindel, the next generation of matchmakers, uses Americas top matchmaker Janis Spindel's 20 years of thousands of live interviews with singles who pour their hearts out, talking about what they want in a relationship. Carly calls this the 4B's. Tinder and Hinge are popular dating apps that use social media to match like minded singles. Carly uses both apps to keep up to date with whats out there. Carly also comments that the men on Hinge seem to be more professional and attractive than Tinder. Carly and Janis Spindel hold free monthly cash bar mixers for approved members of the Janis Spindel's Love Sphere and personally introduce each member to one another. Tinder, the IAC owned dating app is under investigation for sexual discrimination and sexual harassment by a former VP of marketing. Click Here to read the full article.


Ines Rosales From Fox NY Gets Matchmaking Tips

Carly Spindel talks with Ines Rosales from Fox NY on finding a successful marriage minded man. Click here to watch the video.


Anyone Can Spot a Gold Digger

Learn the secrets to spotting a gold digger by Janis Spindel Gold diggers are only interested in dating men for their money and to better their social status. Janis Spindel and Carly Spindel refuse to work with any woman who has a resemblance to a gold digger. The women they work with are beautiful, intelligent, fit, lead a balanced lifestyle, and are financially independent. They’ve gone through an intense screening process to make sure they are fabulous. Please visit Gold Diggers The Janis Report Confessions of a Matchmaker Carlys Dating Crew Styled By a Matchmaker Janis Spindels Love Sphere


Carly Spindel Announces She Is Now Taking On Women as Clients for Janis Spindel

Carly Spindel has decided after 4 years of interning for Jsnis Spindel that she is ready to start her own division. She will be working with select women around the country using the same process that Janis has used for men, a very select process. Click here for full article.