Millionaire Matchmaker Janis Spindel

The prospect of "less money-no money upfront" by working with only real millionaire clients on a success-based fee is where America's top Matchmaker is headed.

Janis set up the junior matchmaking service for $25K, the basic service for $50K, the preferred service for $100K and elite service for $250K.

Spindel carved out this new $500,000 model of “less money-no money upfront” with money on a success-based fee, when an international millionaire who had “matchmaking fatigue” approached her.

Spindel, in her 20 years in business got sick of hearing this and formed this new model.

Janis and her VP of Matchmaking are now soon to be “jetting off to London” on his Falcon to meet his potential wife, a woman nobody has met yet.

“Obviously my client is paying all expenses, in addition to my start up rate of $10,000, putting $500,000 into a special escrow account his attorney controls and agreed to make 3 payments of $166,000 upon certain conditions," Janis stated.
“But wait,” Spindel quickly interjects, “upon each success fee of $166,000, the client donates $60,000 directly to a charity of my choice.”

The first conditional payment is made when this mystery woman the client wants to meet, goes out for 2 weeks with Mr. London. The second conditional payment is made when Mr. London and his mystery woman enter into a committed relationship for 3 months. The final conditional payment is made when Mr. London and the mystery woman get engaged. Dating Diva USA Click here  Asia Matchmaking  eAsian Love  Asian American Matchmaking  Korean American Matchmaking  Matchmaker Korea  Matchmaker Asia  eKorean Love  Asian Matchmaker  Korean Matchmaking   Asian Love Match  Korean Marriage  Janis Spindel Blog  Janis Spindel Wordpress Blog  Dating Diva USA  Janis Spindel University Digital Downloads  ASK Janis Spindel  Janis Spindel VIP Men's Lounge  VIP Men's Lounge  Matchmaker Spindel  Matchmakers Logical Locations 2 Pick Up Men  Dating Tips Process  SEO Solution Confessions of a Matchmaker Billionaire Matchmaker Billionaire Matchmaker Carly Spindel Carly Spindel Billionaire Matchmaker Matchmaking To Billionaires Billionaire Matchmaker Carly Spindel Matchmaker To Billionaires World Traveling Matchmaker Billionaire Matchmaker Billionaire Matchmaking