Matchmaking Pick Up Places for Single Women

I was at the Knicks/Celtics game on Friday night: place was packed with droves of men. I was in my glory!

Believe it or not, I get a text from a guy who I had my "simulated date" with but who has not pulled the trigger yet to hire me as he thinks none of the women in my database will be "HIS TYPE" --is he KIDDING ME???!! and I of course being the relentless, tenacious matchmaker that I am have been "on HIM " to close the deal of course and remembered he had season tickets so I actually asked him that day if he will be there, he said of course with his 2 daughters so I said fine. I get there and let him know I just arrived. Out of left field he asks me to go get him the girl in 17D and he says "lets see how good you are" so hmmn this could be a $100,000 night and off I go.

So, I laughed and told my husband to watch my bag as I grabbed my scouting cards and went over to the 2 girls while he of course was watching the whole thing-- ONLY ME -- it turns out the brunette knew one of my San Diego clients and he had told her all about me so within seconds we all bonded (as women do very quickly) and the blonde who he wanted to meet was only 21, has a BF that she lives with and is a model!! TYPICAL!! prettier than pretty I might add ,grew up in Hawaii and has a single mom who sounds like she could be PERFECT for one of my Hawaii men so this is becoming a win -win for me!( not for the KNICKS unfortunately though). Both women were intrigued by me to say the least, and couldn't wait to spread the word to all their friends about the real live matchmaker that they met!!

SO then mission accomplished -I text him "DONE"! and he says she is intensely reading your card. age etc? so I of course text him back and say TOO YOUNG that's cool!! And how do you think I pick up men,its SOOOOOOOO easy! There is NOT a day that goes by where I don't meet at least 50-100 men There you go, a qualified guy just for you ladies. Happens 10 times a day. Just make a joke of the situation and keep an open mind and bingo, you never know if he is for you OR... if he knows someone for you. Ladies, I have said this over and over... I just might have your husband. Men, I will leave no stone unturned until I find you your wife!!!! Best, Janis http://www.janisspindelmatchmaker.com/

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