Matchmaking and Dating Tips for Women: A Dozen Proven Pickup Lines That Work

Matchmaking and Dating Tips for Women: A Dozen Proven Pickup Lines That Work

In this matchmaking and dating tips for women series- a dozen proven pick up lines that work, if you have been following my advice and doing the suggested homework, you have been used to saying hello to men.

You can use these dozen pick up lines the next time you are out.

Once you get his attention, don’t let the conversation slip away. Make eye contact and start to say something that requires a response from him.

A great line is clinched by being spontaneous. If you feel something, go for it.

Here is a classic line, “hope to see you again.” If the moment is right and the man is there, by all means say it.

Practice pick up lines on guys you wouldn’t go out with anyway. If something goes wrong, so what. Nothing lost.

Use the natural circumstances you find yourself in. Use props. Men love compliments even more than women do. You will never go wrong with pointing out something fabulous about a man.

Here are very sexy, sassy lines that have worked great wonders for some ladies just like you.

I couldn’t help notice that_______ you are wearing. It brings out the color of your eyes.

l love the leather on your briefcase.

Is that my cell or yours?

What kind of wine are you drinking?

Have you ever been to a place as loud as this one?

I love your belt.

You have beautiful eyes.

If I didn't have to go to work tomorrow, I would kidnap you and take you to Paris with me.

You are an incredible specimen.

Your adorable, how come there is no girl sitting next to you.

You two guys are really good looking, where are wives?

Tall, dark and handsome. Okay, where is your girlfriend?

The way to benefit the most from this matchmaking and dating tips for women series, is to set a goal for yourself. Set a weekly goal that you can achieve. Be realistic. Your goal at this level is 3 men per week. Say hello, smile and meet 3 men this week by using one of the dozen pick up lines that work.